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Do you know the secret to blogging successfully?

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You can master SEO, follow a watertight editorial calendar, edit your copy perfectly, click to tweet, share on Facebook, do all the things you’re supposed to do. You could do all that—hard work, time, effort—and still not have a successful blog. What gives?!

The truth is blogging successfully doesn’t overwhelm you with time-consuming tasks.

It feeds you. Nourishes you. Makes you come alive. And readers want to be a part of that. They want to know your secret. They want to have what you’ve got.

In just six months of blogging, I built an entire business full of clients, booked big-ticket speaking gigs, wrote for prestigious, national outlets, landed a book deal without a proposal, and started my ideal relationship.

It didn’t take complex marketing campaigns or fancy business coaches. I just had to learn the secrets to blogging successfully.

And now I want to share them with you.


Here’s the deal.

Most people view blogging like another item on their business to-do list—another sales page or newsletter. A place to advertise yourself and market the real money-makers: products and services.

But if you see your blog as a sales page, then that’s what readers will see too.

To be successful, your blog needs to be a core part of your business. It needs to generate ideas just as much as it disseminates them. It needs to nourish and refuel you. It needs to be your testing ground. Your idea factory. Your message-refinement room.

It’s a public journal that makes you a whop-load of cash. Just by being you.

You can write your own success.

You just have to know how.


In Write Your Own Success, you’ll discover how to use your blog to find and clarify your message, become an industry leader, and attract clients, media interviews, book deals, money—hell, you name it.

You’ll journey through six weeks of eye-opening and provocative content. You’ll cut through your tangled old beliefs about what your blog needs to be. You’ll find your voice and establish your brand plus learn how to write blog posts in just 30 minutes. Most of all, you’ll fall in love with your blog.

It’s time to write your own success. Because if you don’t write it, who will?




You will learn how to:

  • Brand Your Blog
  • Find Your Voice
  • Create Your Content
  • Stick to a Schedule
  • Attract Readers
  • Make Money

All in a 6-Week online course
(plus lifetime access to the content)

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